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The 11 Comfiest Shoes For Nurses

Nurses know a thing or two about comfortable footwear, which is why we went straight to the source to find the best shoes for nurses. Health care workers spend the majority of the day on their feet, so we reached out to medical professionals for recommendations on work shoes that are ~actually~ comfy and supportive to wear for hours on end.

Gangrene, Hearing Loss Show Delta Covid Variant May Be More Severe

U.S. health officials warned that a more harmful Covid-19 variant known as Delta has surged in the U.K. (a country with high vaccination levels) in a grim warning to America as demand for inoculations in some states fades (only 42% of the U.S. is fully vaccinated).

Did The Pandemic Eradicate Nurse Bullying?

Ask any healthcare leader to name a point of pride during the pandemic, and many will likely say the immense collaboration, teamwork and support that emerged among front-line caregivers and clinical teams.

Experts Foresee Summer 2021 As A ‘Tick Time Bomb’

Experts predict summer 2021 will be a “tick time bomb.” Due to a mild winter, most parts of the country are already seeing more ticks this season than last year, as the tiny insects thrive in humidity.

Medfluencer: Nurse Fights COVID Lies On Instagram

Emily Scott, RN, found her way into "medfluencing" by accident. Along with her husband, their Instagram account was set up to share sustainable travel tips.

America Has An Alcohol Problem

A little alcohol can boost creativity and strengthen social ties. But there’s nothing moderate, or convivial, about the way many Americans drink today.

The Story Of My First Balloon Pump

During the first six months as an ICU nurse, I vividly recall seeing my first balloon pump — a cardiac assist device sitting in the aorta that helps the heart pump blood more effectively and improves perfusion to the coronary arteries.

Why Female Brains Are More Susceptible To Disease, From Anxiety To Alzheimer’s

Changing hormones and chronic stress wreak havoc on the body—but you can fight back. The alarm bells started going off for neuroscientist Roberta Diaz Brinton, Ph.D., three decades ago, when she saw just how hard women in particular were being hit by Alzheimer’s disease.


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