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A Whiff Of Infected Breath Is All It Takes To Catch Omicron

You only need to be exposed to 'a whiff of infected breath' to catch Omicron, one of the Government's scientific advisers said today.

The US Doesn’t Have Enough Faculty To Train The Next Generation Of Nurses

Despite a national nursing shortage in the United States, over 80,000 qualified applications were not accepted at U.S. nursing schools in 2020.

Is ‘Deltacron’ Real? Why Experts Say Reported Coronavirus Combo Is Likely A ‘Scariant’

Did coronavirus variants delta and omicron form a “super variant” called “deltacron”? It’s likely you’ve heard the name by now, but experts are saying the reported COVID-19 variant combination is likely a “scariant.”

One-Way Masking Works

If you’re vaccinated, boosted, and wearing an N95, you’re protected—no matter what others are doing. Florida, where I’ve spent the winter holidays, is now a severe-looking blackish purple on coronavirus-case-rate maps.

What Is This ‘Flurona’ People Are Talking About Now?

It’s been dubbed flurona: when a person is infected with the influenza virus and the Covid-19 coronavirus, either simultaneously or back-to-back. Cases are being reported around the globe, and experts say they are likely to grow as the more contagious omicron variant becomes more prevalent.

That Time My Patient Swallowed An Entire Bag Of Crack

He was the middleman — the man that took the crack cocaine from the main guy, the drug dealer and then sold it to his “clients” and kept a percentage of the money for himself and the rest to the dealer.

Should I Just Get Omicron Over With?

If you’re vaccinated, an infection might not make you super sick, but don’t count on it making you super immune, either.

Nurse Adopts Patient's Beloved Dog To Help Him Heal

Nurses often do everything they can to make their patients as comfortable as possible during difficult times. But Jennifer Smith, RN, of the Grand Rehabilitation and Nursing facility in Rome, New York, took that one step further.