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US Declares Monkeypox Outbreak A Public Health Emergency

Health Secretary Xavier Becerra’s emergency declaration will help mobilize more resources to fight the outbreak, which has spread swiftly since the U.S. confirmed its first case in May. The U.S. has confirmed more than 6,000 monkeypox cases over the past two months, more than any country in the world.

California Declares A State Of Emergency Over Monkeypox Outbreak, Following New York, Illinois

The U.S. has reported nearly 6,000 cases of monkeypox across across 48 states, Washington D.C., and Puerto Rico, according to the CDC. California, Illinois and New York – home to the nation’s three largest cities – have reported 47% of all confirmed monkeypox infections in the U.S.

Seemingly Unimportant Acts Make A Big Difference

We were reminiscing recently at a brunch we set up. It had been many years since we had seen each other. Eventually, we went our separate ways. But we reconnected once again.

When You Have Covid, Here’s How You Know You Are No Longer Contagious

You’ve got covid-19. When can you exit isolation? If you do resume activities outside your home, can you be sure you’re no longer contagious?It’s complicated. Be forewarned: Guidelines from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention are nuanced but a little confusing.

Monkeypox: How To Protect Yourself And What To Watch Out For

The World Health Organization has declared the monkeypox outbreak a public health emergency of international concern, but it's not a disease that the general public has been familiar with.

Nurse Burnout Reaches New High As Latest Omicron Variant Surges

Many people may be moving on from Covid, but nurses certainly aren’t — and as the latest variant sweeps the US, the mental stresses on the profession have reached new highs.

My Blood Pressure Spike On Postpartum Day 3

The headache wasn’t that bad. The fatigue was worse. I had slept about six hours total in the past three days. I was fortunate to have dutiful help from my husband and both grandmas, but I was still exhausted.

One Key Step Toward Solving The Nation’s Deadly Nursing Shortage

This past weekend, Zuckerberg San Francisco General Hospital was on diversion for 61 percent, 87 percent and 76 percent of Friday, Saturday and Sunday, respectively.

Study: Cognitive Decline Linked To Ultra-Processed Food

Eating ultra-processed foods for more than 20% of your daily calorie intake every day could set you on the road to cognitive decline, a new study revealed.