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Physician And Nurse Engagement: From Concept To Collaboration

For nurses, the standard for delivering basic quality care has changed dramatically over the last decade as well. Although length of stay has decreased, associated comorbidities and the complexity of care have increased.

Suicide In Young, Black Children

When a child under 10 committed suicide in central Ohio a few years ago, Jeff Bridge found himself answering a reporter's question about how often young children take their own lives.

Who Is Bullying Nurses?

Nurse bullying and incivility in the operating room is a real and seemingly ubiquitous problem, as evidenced by a recent discussion.

The Nurse Who Is There After Sexual Assault

Across the U.S., there is a backlog of tens of thousands untested rape kits—evidence collected during examinations following sexual assaults—that are currently in police custody.

How Much Do Presidents And Candidates Need To Tell The Public About Their Health?

Hillary Clinton, 68, was recently diagnosed with pneumonia, and the public didn’t know about it until two days later, when she abruptly left a Sept. 11 memorial ceremony feeling unwell and needing to be helped into a vehicle.

Carlow University Partners With UPMC Introducing Perioperative Nursing Internship

Carlow University Introduces Undergraduate Nursing Students to Perioperative Nursing Through Innovative Internship Partnership with UPMC

5 Ways Nursing Graduate School Can Pay Off

The number of jobs for nurses with graduate degrees is growing quickly, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, whose forecasts show that the number of jobs available for advanced practice nurses will be 31 percent higher in 2024 compared with 2014.

Getting A Flu Shot? It May Be Better To Wait

Convenience is touted. So are incentives: CVS offers a 20-percent-off shopping pass for everyone who gets a shot, while Walgreens donates toward international vaccination efforts.

Flight Nurse Whose Kind Gesture After A Man Died, Inspires Daughter And Her Career

The patient, who looked about the same age as Hagen, died minutes after arriving at the emergency room. But something about the case haunted Hagen, a married father of two. "For some reason, this one stuck," Hagen said.


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