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FDA Authorizes Omicron-Targeted Booster Shots

The FDA on Wednesday authorized bivalent COVID-19 booster shots from Pfizer/BioNTech and Moderna that target the original strain along with the Omicron BA.4/BA.5 subvariants.

The Top 50 Nurse Deals & Discounts Of 2022

There are hundreds of great nurse and healthcare worker discounts available and with many, all you have to do is verify your credentials by uploading an ID or document of your license. Always check with the individual retailer’s website for any specific details or terms and conditions relating to the discount.

US Reports At Least 30 Kids Test Positive For Monkeypox

More than 30 children in the U.S. have reportedly tested positive for monkeypox. Texas accounts for 9 pediatric monkeypox cases and the country's first death

‘They’re Making Big Money’: How To Earn $139,000 As A Nurse

A career in nursing can be lucrative—although that may not have always been the case. While the COVID-19 pandemic truly did a number on the health care system at large, nurses saw many of their colleagues move on to other jobs or lines of work and that provided them with one key benefit: higher pay.

Best Hospitals, Health Systems To Work For By State

"America's Best Employers by State" list was released Aug. 24, and 262 hospitals and health systems made the cut. 70,000 employees working for businesses with more than 500 employees were surveyed. A total of 1,382 employers were ranked from varying industries, up to 101 per state.

Excessive Blue Light From Our Gadgets May Accelerate Aging

Too much screen use has been linked to obesity and psychological problems. Now a new study has identified a new problem – a study in fruit flies suggests our basic cellular functions could be impacted by the blue light emitted by these devices.

People With Blood Type A More Likely To Suffer Stroke Before Age 60

More adults are surprisingly suffering strokes at younger ages, and scientists have turned their attention more toward this population to find out what’s causing this and why.

Tattoo Ink Can Contain Cancer Causing Chemicals, Experts Warn

Researchers found that nearly half of tattoo inks contain azo-compounds, which can degenerate under ultra-violet light into a chemical that could cause cancer. Many also contained particles small enough to get into a cell's nucleus and trigger cancerous mutations.