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Is Your Mom Smart? Intelligence Comes Directly From Her. Here Is Why

A person's IQ is directly linked to their moms, so hopefully she's a brainiac.

Depression In Nurses: The Unspoken Epidemic

Nurses experience clinical depression at twice the rate of the general public. Depression affects 9% of everyday citizens, but 18% of nurses experience symptoms of depression.

10 Celebrities You Never Thought Were Nurses

Yes, these are the people who once have worked or studied to become nurses. Long before they were superstars on limelight, they already have glimmered in psychiatric, pediatric, and intensive care units as well as other areas. Here are ten people you never thought were nurses:

New Opioid As Effective As Morphine, Without The Side Effects

Opioids are among the most commonly prescribed painkillers in the United States, and they are also the deadliest; each day, 78 Americans die from an opioid overdose. Now, scientists have developed a safer form of the drug, which they say could reduce the number of overdoses and combat addiction.

Licensing Logjam For California Nurses

State officials claim that hiring new nurses is a crucial workforce concern for California, yet at least 2,000 recent nursing graduates like Russo remain in licensing limbo, with their applications taking as long as 24 weeks for the Board of Registered Nursing to process.

Health Files Make For A Juicy Target For Thieves

Today, according to cybersecurity specialists, criminals hoping to scoop up valuable personal data are increasingly targeting health care companies — from local doctor’s offices to major health insurers.

The Other Drug War: Testing For Doping In Olympic Athletes

The use of performance-enhancing drugs (PEDs) by athletes in sport competitions is a major public health issue the world over. It not only jeopardizes the health of athletes, but also threatens the health of children who view athletes as role models and imitate their behavior.


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