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Why Nurse Anesthetists Earn Over $150,000 A Year

Del Grosso said that patients put their lives in his hands every day, a fact that makes the nurse anesthetist job valuable on the marketplace, fulfilling for its practitioners, and at times, extremely stressful.

Measles Breaks 10-Year Record in Florida. Are Anti-Vaxers To Blame?

Florida has reported 11 measles cases so far this year so far, according to the Florida State Health Department. That's higher than what it's reported for the last 10 years. All 11 cases involve people who were not vaccinated.

More Nurses Are Better For Patients. Why Is It So Hard To Get Hospitals To Hire Them?

It's not clear that mandating higher staffing ratios works -- but it's not clear that anything else will, either.

Got ADHD? You May Live A Shorter Life

People diagnosed at 18 or older were more than four times likely to die young, compared to the general population. And, startlingly, the death rate for women with ADHD was about double that of men with the disorder.

Who Is Bullying Nurses?

Nurse bullying and incivility in the operating room is a real and seemingly ubiquitous problem, as evidenced by a recent discussion.

People Who Feel 3 Years Younger Less Likely To Die Over Next 8 Years

Everyone dies, but a new study says feeling sprightly might suggest a person has more time left than people who feel their age or older.

Five Days of Fasting Slows Down Aging, May Add Years To Life

A five day diet which mimics fasting could slow down aging, add years to life, boost the immune system and cut the risk of heart disease and cancer, scientists have found.


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