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Nurses Are Not OK: Why They’re Quitting Their Jobs, And What It Means For The Future Of Healthcare

After more than eight years working in a big-city hospital intensive care unit, Michelle Toney has seen a lot — drug overdoses, trauma victims, patients violently lashing out. It was rough, but she loved it: “That stress and adrenaline constant is something I used to thrive off of.”

Study: Fourth Covid Shot Boosts Immunity 'Over And Above' Third Dose

A fourth dose of Pfizer or Moderna's Covid jabs provide an 'substantial' boost to immunity against the virus, UK Government-funded research shows.

Why Can’t We Just Call BA.2 Omicron?

When coronavirus variants emerged in full force in late 2020, the news suddenly turned into alphanumeric soup. Remember? The U.K. variant, B.1.351, GR/501Y.V3.

Second California Nurse Dies By Suicide On The Job

A nurse took his own life at Kaiser Permanente Santa Clara Medical Center last week, marking the second apparent suicide by a nurse in a matter of months.

A Voice From The Lower Decks Of Health Care

“It feels different down here,” she said. I had just approached a young woman in our ED waiting room to apologize for the seven-hour wait to be seen. She looked at me with bloodshot, dark brown eyes and continued, “It feels like … the lower decks … Do you know what I mean?”

Girl's Cancer Leads Mom to 'Overwhelming' Discovery of More Than 50 Sick Kids Near Closed Nuclear Lab

Melissa Bumstead made a terrifying discovery in 2014 as her four-year-old daughter Grace lay in a hospital bed battling a rare form of leukemia. While keeping vigil at the Los Angeles medical center where Grace was receiving treatment, Bumstead began meeting the parents of more than 50 children with equally rare cancers and was horrified to learn that they all lived near one another.

COVID-19 Hospital Admissions, Deaths Forecast To Rise In The US For First Time In Months

For the first time in months, daily hospital admission levels and new COVID-19-related deaths in the United States are both projected to increase over the next four weeks, according to updated forecast models used by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

Lesson Learned: Pick Your Battles

It was a known fact — I was 4′ 11″ but I had a mouth on me to compensate. I was loud and noisy. Fellow nurses called me the “rebel without a cause.”