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Teen Sexting A 'Potentially Normal Component Of Sexual Behavior And Development,' Researchers Say

A new data study shows that the number of teenagers sending and receiving sexts is on the rise. The analysis, which was published this week, showed that more than one in four teenagers reported that they’d received a sext, defined by the study as a sexually explicit image, video or message that is sent electronically.

The US Flu Season Has Now Peaked, But Children Are Still Dying From The Virus

Still above epidemic levels, the flu has peaked in hospital reports and lab tests nationwide, according to federal health officials.

Egg-Freezing Advice Provides False Insurance For Young Women

The number of women delaying pregnancy has risen sharply in recent years. However, current treatments to freeze eggs for later life pregnancies are not reliable: in the UK only 14 per cent result in babies. Women should freeze their eggs as early as 25 to compensate: younger women have twice, maybe three times, as many eggs per cycle.

Trifecta Of Opioids, Alcohol And Suicide Are Blamed For The Drop In U.S. Life Expectancy

An epidemic of despair is disproportionately claiming the lives of rural white Americans in the prime of adulthood. And for a second year in a row, their deaths by drugs, drink and self-destruction have caused life expectancy in the United States to fall.

How To Recognize 5 Tactics Of Gaslighting

"Gaslighting" is a form of manipulation that goes beyond invalidation to make you question your sanity.

Risks Of Smoking-Related Lung Disease Lowered By Fruits, Veggies, Study Says

Past and current smokers can lower the risks of developing chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, or COPD., by eating five or more servings of fruits and vegetables every day.

When A Nurse Asked Me How I Was Doing

Why do they ask? They call your name and as you stand you wipe away the tears that you don’t expect to actually hide. The nurse smiles, “Hi! How are you?” I cringe at the false cheerfulness. I’d prefer it if they weren’t polite. I’m here, at a hospital, with tear stains down my cheek. How am I supposed to answer that?

14 Worms Found Crawling In Eye Of Woman With Rare Infection

An Oregon woman has become the first person worldwide known to have had an eye infestation by a tiny worm species previously seen only in cattle that is spread by flies that feed on eyeball lubrication, US government researchers said on Monday.


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