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Hospitals Don’t Profit Off Having Good Nurses. That’s A Big Problem.

The pandemic made a long-simmering problem in hospitals impossible to ignore: We desperately depend on nurses to deliver quality health care, but the American health system does not properly value the work that they do — in the most literal sense.

The Mystery Of Monkeypox’s Global Spread

Initial genomic sequencing suggests the virus hasn’t mutated to become more transmissible. So what explains its unprecedented rise across the world?

Nurse Salaries Rise Amid Widening Gender Pay Gap And 'Precipitous Increase' In RNs Looking For The Exit

While nursing salaries are on the upswing for most groups, the COVID-19 pandemic has led nurses to ponder whether they want to remain in the profession and under what terms.

Omicron BA.4 And BA.5: Starting From Scratch Yet Again

Coronaviruses are single-stranded RNA viruses with large genomes and, until recently, consisted of the mild 229E, OC43, L69, and H53U1 strains, and the "novel" SARS and MERS strains.

Burned-Out Heroes: Why Bedside Nurses Should Not Have To Be Martyrs To Be Valued

In 2020, we saw windows pasted with rainbows, hospitals flooded with donations and NHS workers regularly described as heroes. While linked to heightened risks faced by health workers during the pandemic, notions of self-sacrifice in nursing are not new.

Covid Is Making Flu And Other Common Viruses Act In Unfamiliar Ways

At one point last month, children were admitted to Yale New Haven Children’s Hospital with a startling range of seven respiratory viruses.

The Six Forces That Fuel Friendship

I’ve spent more than three years interviewing friends for “The Friendship Files.” Here’s what I’ve learned. “The Friendship Files,” my series of interviews with friends about their friendships, began with an idle thought.

How Long Does Covid-19 Linger In Your Body? New Report Offers Clues.

A comprehensive study found that viral remnants can survive for months after infection in certain people, perhaps causing some symptoms of long COVID.