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WHO Supports 'Emerging Evidence' Of Airborne Transmission Of Covid-19

The World Health Organization confirmed there is "emerging evidence" of airborne transmission of the coronavirus following the publication of a letter Monday signed by 239 scientists that urged the agency to be more forthcoming about the likelihood that people can catch the virus from droplets floating in the air.

Nurses Under Siege, Beg Public To Wear Masks

When an employee told a group of 20-somethings they needed face masks to enter his fast-food restaurant, one woman fired off a stream of expletives. “Isn’t this Orange County?” snapped another member of the group. “We don’t have to wear masks!”

This Is Not Your Typical Mental-Health Crisis

The SARS pandemic tore through Hong Kong like a summer thunderstorm. It arrived abruptly, hit hard, and then was gone. Just three months separated the first infection, in March 2003, from the last, in June.

Popular Heartburn Drugs Associated With Increased Coronavirus Risk

A popular form of heartburn medication may increase a person’s risk of developing COVID-19, according to a new study, lengthening the already long list of risk factors for the virus.

US Nurses At For-Profit Hospital Chain To Strike Over Cuts And PPE Shortages

Nurses and support staff at HCA Healthcare, the largest for-profit hospital chain in the US, are planning to strike this Friday in protest over cuts and concessions the corporation is pushing on frontline healthcare workers as coronavirus continues to spread.

Coronavirus May Lead To Brain Injury, Scientists Caution

Today, researchers at University College London (UCL) warned that COVID-19 can lead to various types of brain damage. A study conducted at UCL found 43 cases where people who had contracted coronavirus had suffered strokes, nerve damage, temporary brain dysfunction or other serious effects on the brain. The study chimes with reports from April of people in their thirties and forties suffering strokes more commonly associated with people in their mid-seventies.

Sure, You Can Travel This Summer. But Should You?

There was a brief period from about late March to mid-May, during the first spike in coronavirus cases in the US, when domestic air travel virtually ground to a halt. Only about 100,000 people were traveling per day, compared to the pre-pandemic rate of more than 2 million daily travelers.

WHO: Coronavirus Deaths Could Surge Again After Cases Accelerated In Recent Weeks

For the month of June, reported Covid-19 cases across the globe have accelerated while the death toll has fallen from a peak in April, Dr. Mike Ryan, executive director of the WHO’s emergencies program, said. WHO officials warn that there’s a lag between rising cases and rising deaths. It takes weeks after contracting the virus to fall seriously ill and potentially die from the coronavirus.