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The Tylenol-Autism Freak Out

A new study claims a link between acetaminophen use while pregnant and autism in children. For expecting women in Europe and the West, a strong link between acetaminophen and autism is a major cause for alarm.

It Takes A Village To Get Through Nursing School

When you think of being successful in college, you know lots of hard work, hours of studying, and a dedicated commitment will pay off. But if you’re heading into nursing school this fall, there’s also another essential, piece of the puzzle that will help your college years go as smoothly as possible.

How To Get The Best Care From The Hospital Nursing Staff

A family’s rapport with the nursing staff can improve the care a patient receives; tips for cultivating the relationship that go beyond baking brownies

So Your Teen Wants To Major In Nursing: 5 Things To Know

Maybe you have a high school senior who’s considering a major -- or a career -- in nursing. Or perhaps it’s your college student who’s thinking about it … or even you.

The Inevitable Decline Of The Nursing Home Industry

Some businesses fail for the greater society good, and the 20 percent projected decline of nursing homes by 2021 falls into that category. The reasons for the failure is the growing alternatives to nursing home care, resulting in countless of Americans remaining in their homes in the twilight of their years.

When A Health Crisis Derails Your Plans, How To Get Your Health And Career Back On Track

If you’ve made your career a top priority,but how do you keep those career ambitions on track then when a major life event suddenly rocks your world? And I’m talking big stuff—like a family member is diagnosed with cancer, you find yourself in serious financial trouble, or your fiancé calls off the wedding.


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