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Pfizer Shot Provides Partial Omicron Shield In Early Study

Laboratory head Sigal advocates booster to combat variant. Study provides first indication of effectiveness of vaccines. Omicron evades immunity induced by Pfizer Inc.’s shot better than other Covid-19 variants, according to laboratory experiments that indicate a booster shot could help stop the highly mutated strain.

As Covid Persists, Nurses Are Leaving Staff Jobs — And Tripling Their Salaries As Travelers

Wanderlust, and the money to fund it, made Alex Stow’s decision easy. After working a couple of years in an intensive care unit, he signed up to be a travel nurse, tripling his pay to about $95 an hour by agreeing to help short-staffed hospitals around the country for 13 weeks at a time.

Omicron’s Spread Across Hotel Hall Highlights Transmission Worry

Infected travelers had no direct contact, CCTV footage shows. Both cases had been fully vaccinated with Pfizer-BioNTech shot.

If You’re A Nurse Or An Abuse Survivor, You Don’t Have To Be Brave

For decades, I was constantly told how brave I was and wore “brave” like a scarlet letter on my chest. Brave for choosing to raise my children alone. Brave for becoming a nurse practitioner.

Could Omicron Cause Less Severe Covid Infections? There’s Optimism But Also Worry

Some health officials are calling it a hopeful sign that the first people known to be infected with the Omicron variant have had mild symptoms of COVID-19, although they warned it is still far too early to understand the implications of the newest coronavirus variant of concern.

The Pandemic Body: How The Covid Era Changed Us – From Hair Loss To Weight Gain

Has staying at home, not wearing shoes caused us foot pain? Sore, blurry eyes, decaying teeth, spreading feet – the strange, difficult years of coronavirus have had unexpected effects on our general health.

Study: Viagra Could Be Used To Treat Alzheimer’s Disease

US scientists say users of sildenafil – the generic name for Viagra – are 69% less likely to develop the form of dementia than non-users.

IVF Used By Some To Avoid Passing On Genetic Diseases To Offspring

In vitro fertilization (IVF), widely known as a way to help infertile couples have babies, has taken on another remarkable use: It has become part of a procedure to help families keep from passing on serious genetic diseases to their children.

Study: Over Half Of Young Adults Are Obese Or Overweight

More than half of America’s youngest adults — 56 percent of those ages 18 to 25 — are overweight or obese, according to Johns Hopkins research.