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As Heroin Epidemic Rages, Nurses Who Treat Addicts Need Resources

In Pennsylvania, the opioid epidemic kills an average of seven people per day. As a nurse in a busy Emergency Room, I’ve treated my share of addicts. But, in the ER — where we typically see overdoses and other emergencies — these patients are usually in and out.

Party Drug Ketamine, Coming To A Psychiatrist Near You

The FDA put the experimental drug ketamine on the fast track to official approval. This would offer psychiatrists a new method for treating patients with suicidal tendencies and would qualify as the first new treatment for major depressive disorder in about half a century.

Are Nurse Strikes Worse For Patients Than Doctor Strikes?

Studies suggest we may be undervaluing the contributions of nurses.

Why Is The US Perpetually Short of Nurses?

Usually, in a relatively free market, labor-supply shortages resolve themselves over time. Why has this not been the case with nursing?

Can A Baby Born 3 Months Prematurely Survive?

"We were told that she had a zero percent of survival," says Shawn, "but that was a percentage I wasn't willing to accept."

What Happens When A Fetus Contracts Zika?

The devastating effects of the Zika virus on the brains of fetuses go beyond microcephaly.

Is Depression In Parents Making Their Kids Wild?

Brain imaging offers clues about the link between parental depression and risk-taking in adolescents.


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