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China Variants And Omicron XE Put Fresh Focus On Covid Mutations

Hybrid of two omicron strains could be most transmissible yet. Experts say no reason to panic without major spread of strains.

Betrayal, Guilt, Shame: Trauma Among Nurses Comparable To That Of Combat Vets

Forced to ration care amid a deluge of Covid patients while others flouted safety measures during the pandemic, nurses are left with "moral injury."

Mixed Bag For Fourth Dose Of Pfizer Vaccine Vs Omicron

Rates of confirmed Omicron-related COVID infection and severe disease were lower after a fourth dose of the Pfizer-BioNTech vaccine, according to real-world data from Israel, although protection against confirmed infection seemed short-lived.

Hospitals Struggle To Fill Staffing Holes In Short, Long Term Amid Surge In Nurse Turnover

Healthcare workforce shortages today are unprecedented. Some hospital leaders fear the worst is yet to come.

Unsafe Levels Of Uranium Detected In 66% Of US Tap Water

Researchers at Columbia University found that two-thirds of US drinking water systems have elevated levels of uranium. Hypertension, cardiovascular disease, kidney damage, and lung cancer have all been tied to uranium exposure.

Death Of A Nurse: A Soliloquy

It’s not what you think. It’s not my actual mortality. It’s that emotional death. Of being a nurse. If you’ve never been a nurse. Then you will never know.

The Puzzling Virus That Infects Almost Everyone

For many people, Epstein-Barr virus causes mild initial infection, but it is also linked to cancers and multiple sclerosis. What do we do about it?

See Who Made This Year's List Of Top Nursing Schools

For those looking to pursue a graduate degree in nursing, a list of the best places to do so were released in March.

Why People Are Acting So Weird

Crime, “unruly passenger” incidents, and other types of strange behavior have all soared recently. Why?