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You Probably Have An Asymptomatic Infection Right Now

No, not COVID-19. Many, many viruses can infect humans without making us sick, and how they do that is one of biology’s deepest mysteries.

The Issues That Keep Nurses Up At Night

When the pandemic first hit, most of us had to get used to working from home, getting groceries delivered and helping our kids adjust to online school. Nurses, on the other hand, had to do that, plus contend with even longer shifts, clothing that could infect their families and the very real chance of getting COVID-19.

A Death In The Work Family

At an early age, Tasha remembered looking up to her mama dressed in a crisp white uniform and a nursing cap placed perfectly upon her head — one bobby pin at a time. Tasha learned what sacrifice, responsibility, and dedication were all about. She also knew her mama’s love for the nursing profession.

Rates Of Parkinson’s Disease Are Exploding. A Common Chemical May Be To Blame

Researchers believe a factor is a chemical used in drycleaning and household products such as shoe polishes and carpet cleaners in the US.

First Covid Vaccine Dose: What Can You Do After Your First Shot?

The U.S. hit a new high for the number of daily Covid-19 vaccinations Saturday: 4 million. The record was set as vaccinations have steadily risen over recent weeks, bringing the daily average to more than 3 million.

CDC Changes Tune On Covid Guidance For Vaccinated Travelers

Those fully vaccinated against COVID-19 are no longer required to test before or after traveling domestically or internationally from the U.S., the CDC said in updated guidance on Friday.

Woman Gets Pregnant While Already Pregnant, Gives Birth To Twins Conceived 3 Weeks Apart

Rebecca Roberts and her partner struggled with infertility for more than a year, so when they got a positive result with an at-home pregnancy test, they were overjoyed.