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The Dark Side Of Ventilators: Those Hooked Up For Long Periods Face Difficult Recoveries

Although the machines can mean the difference between life or death, they often cause other complications. For people desperately ill with covid-19, getting hooked up to a mechanical ventilator can mean the difference between life and death. But despite officials’ frantic efforts to secure more of the machines, they are not a magic bullet.

A Nurse Bought Protective Supplies for Her Colleagues Using GoFundMe. The Hospital Suspended Her.

She raised more than $12,000 to buy and distribute protective gear for her colleagues, who say they felt inadequately protected against COVID-19. How a confrontation in one of the nation’s Coronavirus hotspots illustrates a troubling national trend.

Even As Deaths Mount, Officials See Signs Pandemic’s Toll May Not Match Worst Fears

U.S. authorities on Tuesday reported 30,700 more people infected with the novel coronavirus and over 1,800 more deaths — the highest daily death toll so far. But amid the grim data, some officials said they saw grounds for hope that the pandemic’s devastation would at least not be as bad as the direst projections.

Grieving The End Of Life Experience From An ICU Nurse

The image of patients dying in the intensive care unit is changing. Over the phone, family members cry on the other end as I tell them that we are not allowing visitors due to “the coronavirus” at this time. They tell me, “but I help make his decisions for him.” These decisions now have to be made over the phone.

World May Be Short 5.7M Nurses By 2030: 4 Report Takeaways

The world's nursing workforce increased by 4.7 million nurses between 2013 and 2018, although the threat of shortages still exists, according to a new report the World Health Organization released April 6.

How The Coronavirus Death Toll Compares To Other Pandemics, Including SARS, HIV, And The Black Death

The new coronavirus has killed more than 44,000 people around the world. It's extremely contagious and spreads from person to person easily through close contact. The most severe coronavirus cases often include difficulty breathing and may require hospitalization, in which patients may be hooked up to ventilators to blow more oxygen into their lungs.


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