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Being On The Stretcher Instead Of Beside It Changed This Nurse

Lying in a hospital bed while awaiting heart surgery, I looked at my teen daughter and my parents, then smugly pointed out the irregular slashes on the cardiac monitor. “See these?” I said. “They’re called PVCs. My doctor is going to fix them. Make them all go away.”

The Art Of De-Escalation: 5 Steps For Managing Aggressive Patients

De-escalation is an invaluable tool developed primarily to defuse hostile individuals and situations. In its original usage, the concept of de-escalation implies the existence of both verbal and non-verbal skills and techniques, which, if used selectively and appropriately, may reduce the level of an aggressor's hostility and emotional reactivity.

8 Gig Work Options In The Healthcare Industry

As the healthcare industry is undergoing major digital transformations, new gig work opportunities come up with increased frequency. What’s even better, right now there’s not enough people to fill in all the positions and healthcare jobs are among the least competitive ones. So if you have the relevant training and skills, below are eight gig work options worth considering.

What To Eat And What To Avoid For Better Sleep

Bedtime snacks may be a good thing, but navigating which ones will actually help—or hinder—your sleep is a trickier path than it may first appear to be. Whether it’s due to their high caffeine content or difficulties with digestion, some foods will not only interfere with your ability to drift off, but may even disrupt your sleep throughout the night.

Newark Beth Israel Kept Patient Alive To Improve Transplant Program's Survival Rate

Beth Israel Medical Center allegedly kept a patient in a vegetative state alive for a year to improve its transplant program's survival rate, according to an investigative report.

14 Hospitals With The Most ER Visits, 2019

Here are the 14 hospitals in America with the most annual emergency room visits for 2018. Totals represent the amount of emergency room visits tallied for a single facility, rather than total ER visits for a whole health system.

6 Deadliest Viruses Of The 21St Century

Medicine has made great strides in the past several centuries, eliminating or containing devastating viruses such as smallpox and polio. But some viruses—like Ebola—continue to confront humanity as major global health threats.


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