The 5 Most Expensive Nursing Schools in the U.S.


Want to know which are the most expensive nursing schools in the US? Nursing is a growing field in our country, and the demand for nurses will keep on growing in the future. So, if you are still wondering what you want to do with your life, and which career path is the one that best suits you, you might want to consider becoming a nurse. Not only will you find it quite easy to get a job, but nursing is also a very rewarding profession; helping others is always a fulfilling experience. But one thing is certain: higher education in the United States is never cheap. With this in mind, we’ve decided to compile a countdown of the most expensive nursing schools in the US.

Geriatric nursing, pediatric nursing, maternal nursing, psychiatric nursing, family care, neonatal nursing, emergency nursing… there are lots of specialities in the nursing field that you can devote yourself to. Moreover, nurses can also enter master’s programs and PhD programs to continue their educations. But whichever type of nurse you choose to become, the quality of education is especially important in the health field. After all, when we seek medical care we want only the best trained and most qualified doctors and nurses to take care of us and our loved ones.

Would you like to work at such an institution? Are you curious now about the most expensive nursing schools in the US? Let’s take a look at the countdown.

5. Johns Hopkins University

Located in Baltimore, Maryland, JHU offers one of the most expensive nursing programs in the country. The Johns Hopkins University School of Nursing (JHUSON) was established in 1889, making it one of the oldest schools for nurses in the U.S. In the national rank of nursing schools published by the U.S News & World Report, JHUSON ranks at the top. Among the programs that the Johns Hopkins University School of Nursing has to offer you can find family primary care, clinical nursing, public health, adult-geriatric primary care, adult-gerontology acute care, and DNP and PhD programs.

4. Vanderbilt University

The Vanderbilt School of Nursing is widely known for its great teaching hospital and its state-of-the-art electronic medical records. For these and other reasons, the VUSN ranks among the top twenty nursing schools in the country (according to the U.S News & World Report ranking). Furthermore, the university has programs at all levels, from certification, to a PhD in Nursing Science. Some of the most interesting MSN specialty programs include nursing informatics, neonatal nursing, psychiatric-mental health nursing, and emergency nursing.

3. New York University

Located in New York City, the New York University College of Nursing is quite expensive. Not only does the location make it costly, but the tuition and annual cost of the school is very pricey as well. Established in 1944, the NYU nursing school has some of the latest facilities, and great programs. Moreover, the college offers a range of different programs including certification, master’s degrees, and doctorates.

2. University of Washington

The School of Nursing of the University of Washington is not only one of the costliest in the country, but also one of the best. In the latest ranking published by the U.S News & World Report, this nursing school ranked #1, a top position it shares with Johns Hopkins University and the University of Pennsylvania. This prestigious school of nursing offers five degree programs including one bachelor, two masters, and two doctoral.

1. Columbia University

Located in New York City, the Columbia University School of Nursing is one of the oldest in the U.S. This private school was established in 1892, with Anna C. Maxwell serving as the first director of the institution. What makes this nursing school the most expensive in the country is its location, combined with the fact that Columbia University is an Ivy League school. As far as academics goes, the Columbia University School of Nursing has a combined BS/MS, as well as nine master’s specialties to offer. Furthermore, you can also get your nursing PhD or DNP at this prestigious and costly school.


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