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BOSTON (ASRN.ORG) - There are so many tough decisions that need to be made after graduation.  Many choose to move out and gain independence from their parents.  Others are not really given a choice as parents may politely let their children know that it is time for them to get a place of their own and take responsibility for their own actions now that they are adults.  There are also those new graduates who choose to stay at home and save money for the day when they will finally be able to move out.  Along with the decision to move out is the decision of where to work for a future career and where to get some further education. Not everyone pursues higher education after high school, but those who do have a much easier time finding better, higher paying jobs compared to those who have no extra education. 

This transition after high school can be difficult.  It can be hard to choose a profession that truly makes you feel good about going to work every day.  Sometimes, it is easy to feel that a job is just a job and any career it just boring labor.  The key to happiness is enjoying every minute.  So why choose a career that won't make you happy?  After all, full-time employees are at work for at least eight hours a day, five days a week.  As you decide which career would be best for you, think about what makes you happiest.  Do you enjoy working with people?  I know that helping others is one way to truly feel good about the service you have given them.  What better career could you choose than one that helps people?  

There are so many different jobs you could have that allow you to help those around you, whether it is directly or indirectly.  I pursued a teaching career because I enjoyed being able to teach things to students that they never had known before.  It is so much fun seeing students learn and feel great as they accomplish goals.  I also wanted to have some kind of an impact in my community and I wanted to see the students around me take advantage of opportunities and grow up to live successful lives.  My sister-in-law chose a career in nursing.  She has worked in various nursing positions throughout her career and has transferred around among a few local hospitals.  Currently, she is working in the labor and delivery part of a hospital where she gets to help new mothers and fathers experience one of life's greatest joys.  Although she sees much happiness every day, she also has to deal with some sad experiences as there are complications and health problems to deal with.  She has the training to deal with it and she works very hard at always being prepared for anything that may come along. 

My younger sister is nearing her graduation and I am not really sure if she knows how much her life will change when this big milestone finally gets here.  The good thing is that she has expressed interest in becoming a nurse.  Many of her friends do not have the slightest clue what career they want to pursue.  I think that my younger sister will be able to grow and mature quickly as she begins to study all the required course work that is asked of nursing students.  Nursing is a career that allows people to care for those in need.  A nurse has to know how the human body functions so that he or she can better help those receiving treatment.  A nurse needs to be trained on how to perform certain functions that will help save lives like knowing how to perform CPR.  There are certain things to know that can be done to save a life and it is also important to know what not to do so that harm is not caused.  For example, a nurse would need to know about the effects different medications have in the body as well as how medications work with each other so that no problems happen with any patients.  A nurse needs to be able to give shots as well as draw blood and set up IV drips.  There are so many things that a student in nursing school will study and learn about because there is a huge responsibility placed on the shoulders of those who choose nursing as a profession. 

For anyone who is thinking about pursuing higher education, there are many great colleges and universities out there to choose from for your education.  You will want to make sure and choose a school that fits what you are looking for in your future career.  Find a school with a program that you will use in your career.  Future employers will look at your resume to see where you attended school and what courses you studied.  They will also be interested to see your grades in these courses because that can reflect on your dedication to the class and may give an impression of your dedication to your employment.

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