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Travel Nurses' Gold Rush Is Over. Now, Some Are Leaving The Profession.

Working as a travel nurse in the early days of the Covid pandemic was emotionally exhausting for Reese Brown — she was forced to leave her young daughter with her family as she moved from one gig to the next, and she watched too many of her intensive care patients die.

Here Are The Side Effects To Expect From Your Omicron-Specific Covid Booster Shot

If you’re thinking of getting an omicron-specific Covid booster shot, you might be wondering what its side effects are — and how severe they might be.

America Is a Rich Death Trap

It’s not just the pandemic. For citizens of a wealthy country, Americans of every age, at every income level, are unusually likely to die, from guns, drugs, cars, and disease.

Violence Against Nurses Worse Than Ever, Analysis Finds

On average, 57 nurses are assaulted every day in the U.S. That's two nurses attacked every hour, according to an analysis using data from 2022.

CDC: STD Epidemic In US Is ‘Out Of Control,’

Sharply rising cases of some sexually transmitted diseases — including a 26% rise in new syphilis infections reported last year — are prompting U.S. health officials to call for new prevention and treatment efforts.

Survey: Many Nurses Still Eyeing An Exit As Pandemic Frustrations Persist

Despite frequent calls to address nurses’ pandemic burnout, short-staffing and other workplace stressors, new survey data suggest “nothing has changed” for nurses in the past year as many say they're still eyeing an exit from the profession.

More Adderall Generics On Back Order: 3 Shortage Updates

A growing list of drugmakers are reporting back orders for Adderall and its generics in a shortage that's been slowly worsening since August.

FDA Flags Squamous Cell Carcinomas, More Lymphomas Tied To Breast Implants

The FDA issued a safety alert warning patients and providers of reports of squamous cell carcinoma (SCC) and various lymphomas located in the capsule or scar tissue around breast implants.