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'This Is Going To Bankrupt Me': Americans Rack Up $45B Worth Of Medical Debt In Collections

Cathy Munzer is a single mother who lost her health insurance during the coronavirus pandemic. Munzer, who was a yoga and fitness instructor at two major gyms in Manhattan, was laid off in March and has struggled to find work.

New To Nursing? 8 Things You Need To Know.

Many people go into nursing because it offers a unique opportunity to care for others and make a profound difference in peoples' lives. However, you need to balance these lofty aims with an awareness of the day-to-day realities of the profession. You should certainly hold on to your ideals -- they make the daily grind worthwhile! -- but make sure you enter your career with your eyes open.

Internet Search Trends Could Predict COVID-19 Hotspots, Study

Weeks after online searches for gut symptoms increase in an area, coronavirus cases tend to increase as well, according to a recent study.

Nurses Survey: Widespread N95 Mask Shortages Continue

Nurses are increasingly being forced to reuse N-95 masks, sometimes for five days or longer, and growing numbers of nurses said they feel unsafe reusing masks even after they were decontaminated, according to the latest in a series of nursing surveys.

A CEO With The Keys To The Kingdom. And The Pharmacy.

1986. I graduated from LPN to RN. And I was immediately offered a new job. Manager of a six-bed ER. This hospital had three surgical suites — 50 inpatient beds and 2 L&D suites. This was a private Catholic hospital run by the nuns. The computer system was new and a foreign object.

What Young, Healthy People Have To Fear From COVID-19

Many young people navigating this pandemic are asking themselves a two-part health question: What are the odds that I get infected? And if I do get infected, is that really a big deal?

Telling The Difference Between Flu And Coronavirus Is Essential For Treatment

About a week before Pennsylvania shut down last March, at the start of the pandemic, Amanda Bernstein felt short of breath. Then she had a dry cough, followed by a fever. Bernstein, a 29-year-old insurance analyst, asked for a coronavirus test, but her doctor said he didn’t have one. Instead, he tested her for influenza.

Large Study Finds Link Between Hair Dye And Type Of Breast Cancer

A new large population study looks to clarify the theorized connection between hair dye and cancer. The study found no link between ever using hair dye and an increased risk of most types of cancer in women. However, it did find a possible relationship between hair dye and certain forms of breast cancer, ovarian cancer, and the most common kind of skin cancer—links that “warrant further investigation.”

Mysterious Post-Covid Syndrome Affecting Kids Appears To Be Even Worse Than We Thought

After contracting and beating a coronavirus infection, a body needs time to rest, to recover its health and strength. Sadly, for some children, that isn't what happens next.