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Study: New Covid Boosters Aren’t Better Than Old Ones

Bivalent booster shots from Moderna Inc. and Pfizer Inc. failed to raise levels of protective proteins called neutralizing antibodies against the dominant omicron strains any more than four doses of the original Covid vaccine, according to an early independent study on a small group of people.

Health Care’s Dirty Secret

Health care has a dirty little secret. And if you aren’t part of the club, chances are that you don’t know anything about it. Aside from COVID-19, short staffing, and the lack of hospital beds to accommodate those who need them, another crisis has been overshadowed and hidden from public view.

This Deadly COVID Twist Is Like Nothing We’ve Seen Before

As the wave of COVID infections from the highly-contagious BA.5 subvariant finally subsided in late July, new subvariants were already competing for dominance—and the opportunity to drive the next wave of infections.

Emergency Nurse 'Drowning' In Patients, Calls Fire Department To Assist

What's a nurse to do when the emergency department (ED) itself is the emergency? In Silverdale, Washington, a member of the overwhelmed ED staff at St. Michael Medical Center, called in the fire department.

Does Owning A Pet Boost Your Gut Health?

The dirtier we are, the stronger our immune systems might be. This may sound like a confusing hallmark get-well card, but it’s a phenomenon scientists have noticed since the 1960s: Folks living in harmony with messy mother nature were less likely to develop allergies and autoimmune disease compared to those raised in the sterilized hubbub of urbanity.

It Doesn’t Matter Where You Are In The Health Care Hierarchy

He was in the Ivy League for med school. His dad was an MD, and they lived not too far from this small town. Daddy’s house, a “mini-mansion,” was right around the corner.

Dove, Other Unilever Dry Shampoos Recalled Over Cancer Risk

Unilever Plc recalled popular brands of aerosol dry shampoo, including Dove, after discovering they were contaminated with a chemical called benzene that can cause cancer.

Co-Founders Of Scrubs Maker, FIGS Sued For False Advertising, Unfair Business Practices

A $1.4billion scrubs company is in a civil trial over claims it lied about its antibacterial properties, stole ideas from another firm, and faked charity donations in Africa.

Some People Really Are Mosquito Magnets, And They’re Stuck That Way

Certain compounds in our skin determine how much we attract mosquitoes, new research suggests—and those compounds don’t change much over time.