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Scary Flu Variant Hitting Kids And Seniors Hardest, Is Sweeping The US

The H3N2 variant has been associated with more severe flu seasons for children and the elderly in the past, according to the CDC.

Travel Nurse Salaries Float Around $200K As Staffing Crisis Continues

While the COVID-19 pandemic undoubtedly exposed talent shortages in the health care industry, signs point to a continued need to fill nursing jobs. In fact, nursing shortages have reached “crisis levels” according to a 2022 report.

Vaccine Breakthrough Could Finally Bring Covid To Its Knees

A new discovery in the fight against COVID could lead to a long-lasting vaccine that works on all variants of the ever-mutating virus. With new COVID variants and sub-variants evolving faster and faster, each chipping away at the effectiveness of the leading vaccines, the hunt is on for a new kind of vaccine.

NP Must Pay $20K for Implying She Was a Doctor

A California nurse practitioner who implied that she was a medical doctor must refrain from doing so going forward and pay nearly $20,000 in civil penalties, according to a settlement announced by the District Attorney's office for San Luis Obispo county.

Indoor Humidity Level Linked To Covid-19 Transmission

We know proper indoor ventilation is key to reducing the spread of Covid-19. Now, a study by MIT researchers finds that indoor relative humidity may also influence transmission of the virus.

Breaking The Cycle Of Violence In Hospitals: The Role Of Trauma-Informed Care

In the months preceding the COVID-19 pandemic, our quality improvement team was discussing the safety of providers and staff on a weekly basis. This was not in the context of a communicable disease or sufficient personal protective equipment but instead related to another insidious health care exposure and threat: workplace violence.

Europe Faces ‘Cancer Epidemic’ After Estimated 1M Cases Missed During Covid

Experts have warned that Europe faces a “cancer epidemic” unless urgent action is taken to boost treatment and research, after an estimated 1m diagnoses were missed during the pandemic.

As US Cities Deteriorate, A Psychiatric Nurse Reckons With The High Price Of Compassion

She’d been released from the psychiatric ward with advice on the best ways to limit additional trauma and stress, so Naomi Morris, 46, walked back into her nursing job carrying a notebook of reminders. “You are not Atlas,” she’d written.