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New Covid Variant Omicron, Most Alarming Yet

A new variant of the coronavirus that causes covid-19 is raising concern around the globe. South Africa on Thursday confirmed that scientists there had detected a variant with a high number of mutations that could make it more easily transmissible.

Hospitals In Western U.S. Under Siege As Covid-19 Packs ICUs

Hospitals in some parts of the U.S. are already starting to see the impact of an autumn wave of Covid-19 infections, the latest sign that the health-care system still faces serious pressure from the virus, even in places that have achieved relatively high vaccination rates.

Why Nurses Are Quitting In Droves

About one in five health-care workers has left their job since the pandemic started. This is their story—and the story of those left behind.

St. Jude Hoards Billions While Many Of Its Families Drain Their Savings

St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital promises not to bill families. But the cost of having a child at the hospital for cancer care leaves some families so strapped for money that parents share tips on spending nights in the parking lot.

A Nurse’s Prayer For Safety

In Catholic elementary school, we sat at our school desks, and the nuns had us pray for the lost souls in purgatory every day. If we prayed hard enough, we would pray them out of purgatory and lift them into heaven.

Seeing Evil, But Still Not Speaking Of It

Most nurses experience violence in emergency departments (EDs), but they seldom report it to anyone, according to researchers.

Study: Babies Emit Smell To Get Aggressively Loyal Moms And Mellow Dads

Scientists astounded that chemical on newborns’ heads has opposite effect on men and women, but say it’s logical because kids are safest with protective mother, unaggressive father.

There Is A Covid Case In Your House. What Do You Do?

With COVID-19 persisting at high levels in the U.S. and millions of Americans retreating indoors during the colder fall and winter months, knowing what to do if the virus enters your house is of paramount importance, experts say.