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Nurses Do Not Get Paid Extra For Being Pharmacists

The pharmacy department plays a vital role in hospitals. They prepare and dispense medications. Sometimes the pharmacist will receive an order from the doctor on a med whose written dosage he is not sure of.

Study: Covid Patients Testing Positive After Recovery Aren’t Infectious

Researchers are finding evidence that patients who test positive for the coronavirus after recovering aren’t capable of transmitting the infection, and could have the antibodies that prevent them from falling sick again.

Why California Cases Are Still Rising, Despite Locking Down Early, Taking Coronavirus Seriously

In late February and early March, when much of the United States wasn’t yet taking the coronavirus pandemic seriously, the state of California — the first place in the country to spot community transmission — largely was.

The Coronavirus Pandemic Could Indirectly Cause Measles Outbreaks, CDC Warns

The falling rate of routine vaccinations for young children in the United States during the coronavirus pandemic could lead to measles outbreaks in the future, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention warned in a report published Monday.

‘They Killed Her’: Why Are Breast Implants Still Endangering Millions Of Women?

Allergan’s “medical aesthetics” products helped persuade AbbVie to buy the company. But what if the devices driving profit are also endangering women’s health.

'Weird As Hell’: The Covid-19 Patients Who Have Symptoms For Months

In mid-March Paul Garner developed what he thought was a “bit of a cough”. A professor of infectious diseases, Garner was discussing the new coronavirus with David Nabarro, the UK’s special envoy on the pandemic. At the end of the Zoom call, Nabarro advised Garner to go home immediately and to self-isolate. Garner did. He felt no more than a “little bit off”.

States Ranked By Covid-19 Case Fatality Rate

Pennsylvania has the highest COVID-19 case fatality rate in the country, according to data from a panel of nonpartisan public health and crisis experts.

An Infectious-Disease Expert Explains The Risk Levels Of Everyday Activities

The risk of catching the coronavirus by venturing out of your house is not all or nothing. We spoke with Dr. Susan Hassig, an epidemiologist at Tulane University, to find out which activities are not too risky and which you should try to avoid.