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US Monkeypox Worse Than CDC Reports; Testing Abysmal

On June 13, a man in New York began to feel ill. "He starts to experience swollen lymph nodes and rectal discomfort," says epidemiologist Keletso Makofane, who's at Harvard University.

New Variants To Keep Covid At High Levels All Summer

Even as the US grapples with its most recent wave of Covid-19, new research suggests that variants on the horizon may keep case levels high.

Oregon Emergency Nursing Licenses To Expire; 2k Applicants Awaiting Licenses

Oregon's nursing board has a backlog of more than 2,000 applications, which are set to expire at the end of the month, it was reported June 21.

Monkeypox Crisis Secretly Exploding In This Hotspot

Infection rates at the virus’ epicenter in Nigeria are likely a lot worse than we think. The two sons of Destiny, a 48-year-old Nigerian businessman whose nephew had recently contracted the monkeypox virus, are already showing similar symptoms.

NP Faked Diagnoses, Stole Doctors' Identity In Loan Fraud Scheme

A nurse practitioner has been arrested in connection with a scheme that involved profiting off of student loans she helped secure for patients who didn't qualify for them by stealing doctors' identities, according to the Department of Justice (DOJ).

Side Effects May Include … A Completely New Hair Color?

In October 2019, Jordan Janz became the first person in the world to receive an experimental therapy for cystinosis, a rare genetic disease. The treatment was physically grueling.

Don't Know Your Blood Type? There's A Good Reason To Find Out

You've definitely heard this question at some point in your life: What's your blood type? We all have one, and if you aren't sure what yours is, there's great reason to find out: science suggests our blood type may make a difference when it comes to how healthy our hearts are.

Game Over For Behavioral Health

He was a tall, healthy psychiatric technician, experienced in his line of work. He was a CNA but wanted more. He wanted to help heal the troubled, forgotten, and neglected — behavioral health was his niche.