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If You Are A Nurse, Be A Superhero To Someone

When I initially graduated from nursing school, I thought I wanted to be a nursery nurse. When I got hired in L&D, I thought I had my foot in the door, and eventually I would transition to the nursery.

Women Outrace Men In Recovering From A Break Up

The pain of a romantic breakup may hit women harder at first, but they recover far more quickly from the loss than men do, new research suggests.

Football Alters The Brains Of Kids As Young As 8

An imaging study shows that players ages 8 to 13 who have had no concussion symptoms still show changes associated with traumatic brain injury.

The Struggle and Rewards of Becoming A Nurse

A path to a “second act” almost invariably involves setbacks. But Rachel Christian’s five-year journey to become a nurse is proof that even the largest of hurdles can be cleared.

Grieving Widower Writes Teary Thank You Note To Nurses Who Cared For Wife

During Laura Levis' tragic final seven days in hospital her husband Peter DeMarco says the treatment she received was a 'gift beyond gifts'

Nursing Specialists Can Earn More Than Some Doctors

Some nursing specialists can make more than $100,000, according to several survey studies.

People Don't Exercise Much, Even If You Pay Them

Study finds 'quite modest' differences between people who were, weren’t paid to work out


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