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The World's Next Big Health Emergency Is Already Here

Covid-19 has claimed nearly 6 million lives. Antimicrobial resistance may claim 10 million annually by 2050 — and that figure is starting to look low.

How Many Employees Have Hospitals Lost To Vaccine Mandates?

The past several months have seen thousands of hospitals announce COVID-19 vaccination requirements for staff and clinicians as a condition of employment.

Gallop: Nurses The Most Trusted US Professionals 20th Year In A Row

Americans said nurses are the most honest and ethical professionals for the 20th consecutive year, according to an annual Gallup poll.

It’s A Terrible Idea To Deny Medical Care To Unvaccinated People

Omicron is pushing hospitals to their limit, but the medical system still has an ethical responsibility to all patients—no matter the choices they make.

Why Don't Hospitals Just Pay Full-Time Nurses More?

Hospitals' reliance on travel workers is nothing new. The pandemic intensified it and highlighted the gap between full-time workers' pay and lucrative temporary contracts.

My Father And A Gallon Of Wine: An Executive And Alcoholic

An executive father. Alcoholism. And that gallon of wine. As I walked through the wine section at the grocery store, I spotted one of those gallon jugs of wine. I was searching for Christmas presents for my friends. But that brand glared at me.

In Hospital Strained by Omicron, Weary Nurses Treat Too Many Patients

Houston Methodist Hospital, inundated with patients from the pandemic’s latest surge, had too few nurses one recent morning to open all its beds.

Can You Reuse A KN95 Or N95 Mask? Experts Say Yes, But Follow These Steps

Regularly check for stretched-out straps, staining and soiling, which can compromise masks’ ability to filter viruses like Covid-19.

Vaccination, Religion, And Science: An Astonishing 300-Year-Old Story

The debate about COVID-19 vaccinations rages with fury -- to an extent that has gone beyond the realm of medicine or rational thought. Some readers might believe that those who are strongly grounded in science are inevitably vaccine advocates, whereas those who are vaccine resistant are willfully ignorant of the facts or live life as religious fanatics.

I'm Over Covid Symptoms, But Still Testing Positive. Am I Infectious?

As high levels of COVID-19 transmission persist, people continue to wonder how long they should isolate after learning they're infected.

Kidney Failure, Emergency Rooms And Medical Debt. The Unseen Costs Of Food Poisoning.

A salmonella outbreak sickened more than 60 people at a funeral reception in Texas. Two years later, some of them are still coping with the financial and medical consequences.


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