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Covid-19 Is Driving These Nurses To Quit

After five years, Kami Cayce worked her last shift as a nurse in September. For the 27-year-old Texan, the decision to leave seemed inevitable after a tumultuous year turned upside down by the coronavirus.

The Covid-19 Variants Are Here. Can the Vaccines Keep Up?

The mutations aren’t yet a reason to panic, say doctors and epidemiologists. But they are a reminder that we’re not nearly out of the woods.

CDC: 20% Of Americans Have STI's, Nearly Half STI's In People Under 24

New figures from the CDC estimate that on any given day in the U.S. there were 67.6 million sexually transmitted infections (STIs) in 2018. With a population of approximately 320 million people, this suggests about 20% of Americans had an STI at a given point.

Best Places To Work In Healthcare For 2021

In a newly released list of "Best Places to Work" in 2021, and 18 hospitals, health systems and healthcare companies made the list.

Study: 'Fat But Fit' Is A Myth When It Comes To Heart Health

The negative effects of excess body fat on heart health can't be canceled out by maintaining an active lifestyle, according to new research.

Create A Positive Light In Nursing

I was an assistant nurse manager (ANM) in a 24 bed ICU in my younger, energetic years. Before that, I was a manager in a very small emergency department. I must say, I loved it. I loved the thrill and the challenge.

Chicago Nurse Under The Influence While Treating Patients, Stole Hospital Equipment

A quarterly report from the Cook County inspector general's office found an emergency room nurse at Chicago-based Stroger Hospital treated patients while under the influence of marijuana and took IV solution from the hospital, it was reported Jan. 15.

Why Do People Keep Going To Church?

Even during a pandemic, it's important to realize why worship is essential. One of the things most contentious has been the idea of churches meeting in person. Sadly, while many physicians are religious believers, all too many of our colleagues have a very simple, dismissive view of persons who wish to accept the risk of meeting in person.