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Subvariant BA.2 May Be More Dangerous Than Omicron

As the omicron surge continues to decline in the U.S., infectious disease experts are keeping a close eye on an even more contagious version of the variant that could once again foil the nation's hopes of getting back to normal.

Travel Nurses Saw An Increase In Pay During The Pandemic. Now, They Could Lose Those Benefits

Travel nurses, who are in high demand and earning as much as twice their pre-pandemic wages, are in an uproar after legislators call for an investigation that could lead to lowering their pay.

Eating Vegetables May Not Protect Against Heart Disease, Study Suggests

The findings challenge previous research that suggests eating more vegetables is linked to a lower risk of cardiovascular disease.

As Pandemic Lingers, More Nurses Consider Leaving Their Jobs

About 32% of registered nurses are considering leaving their current role, according to a new survey. That's an increase of 10 percentage points since the previous survey, in February of last year.

Student Had Legs, Fingers Amputated After Eating Leftover Takeout

A 19-year-old college student developed sepsis and lost his legs and fingers after eating leftover takeout food in what a doctor described as a “perfect storm” of events.

A Message To New Health Care Professionals

The health care environment you are about to enter is very different from the one that existed when you entered school. The COVID pandemic has changed us all, but we, the health care providers, have taken one of the biggest hits.

34 States Where Child Care Costs More Than College Tuition

The annual expense of child care for an infant exceeds the annual cost of in-state tuition at a public four-year university in 34 states, according to the most recent data.

Former Nurse Uses Howard Law Degree To Help Other Nurses Launch Businesses

New York resident and registered nurse Irnise Williams was one of the thousands of nurses who left the healthcare field as a result of the painful challenges wrought by COVID-19.