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Why Has Polio Been Found In London, New York And Jerusalem, And How Dangerous Is It?

Polio, a deadly disease that used to paralyze tens of thousands of children every year, is spreading in London, New York and Jerusalem for the first time in decades, spurring catch-up vaccination campaigns

Survey: 67% Of Nurses Plan To Leave Position Within 3 Years

According to a survey of 9,355 nurses, 67 percent plan to leave their current nursing position within three years. Their findings were published Aug. 2.

100-Year-Old Tuberculosis Vaccine May Protect Against Covid

A small study from researchers at Massachusetts General Hospital suggests that a widely used, 100-year-old vaccine for tuberculosis also may offer protection from COVID-19.

#ShowMeYourBuns: Social Media Outrage Over Nurses' Messy Hair Policy

Social media comic Blake Lynch, BSN, RN, known to his millions of followers as "Nurse Blake," took to his online platforms recently to voice outrage over a Nebraska healthcare system's personal appearance policy.

1st Suspected Case Of Human-To-Dog Monkeypox Transmission Leads CDC To Update Guidance On The Virus

The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has updated its monkeypox guidance to include dogs as animals that can catch the virus. The CDC tweaked its guidance after the first case of a pet dog suspected of contracting the virus from its owners was documented in France.

Nurses Are Quitting The ER To Do Botox

Janet Gedjeyan’s first job after nursing school was as a bedside nurse in the heart and lung transplant division at a Los Angeles hospital. “I loved it,” the 29-year-old Californian tells me.

What, Exactly, Is ‘Paxlovid Mouth,’ And How Do You Get Rid Of It?

The Covid-19 antiviral drug can leave a foul taste. The afflicted are scouring for remedies online. Jeanette Witten recently rummaged through her pantry for Red Hots, the cinnamon-flavored candy.

These Scientists Are Working To Extend The Life Span Of Pet Dogs—And Their Owners

Anti-aging drugs are being trialed in companion dogs—but the goal is to find ways to have people, as well as beloved pets, live longer, healthier lives.