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A Nurse Remembers Her True Hero

I had to earn my “stripes” in ICU. After I graduated from nursing school, the “big” hospitals wouldn’t take me into the ICU, as I had no experience as an ICU nurse. Back in the early 1980s, there was no such thing as an internship program.

Nurses In Their 20s Killed By Covid-19

Jasmine Obra believed that if it wasn’t for her brother Joshua, she wouldn’t exist. When seven-year-old Josh realized that his parents weren’t going to live forever, he asked for a sibling so he would never be alone.

Lateral Violence In Nursing, What It Is And How You Can Cope

Any nurse who's been around for more than a minute has heard the intimidating phrase: "Nurses eat their young." It's hard to imagine how this phrase could become so popular within a profession that's known for being caring and selfless.

Nurses Ill With Covid, Feel Rushed To Return To Work

The first call in early April was from the testing center, informing the nurse she was positive for COVID-19 and should quarantine for two weeks. The second call, less than 20 minutes later, was from her employer, as the hospital informed her she could return to her job within two days.

How To Win Arguments And Change Someone's Mind

We All Know The Feeling. Maybe it’s a heated argument with that crazy uncle at the holiday table, or a frustrating conversation with a colleague who just won’t budge. At work, and in life, it can be maddening to try to change someone’s mind. That’s because people’s beliefs and opinions, while often rooted in logic and fact, are still wrapped in emotion.

Antiviral Clothing Is On The Rise: Can It Protect You From Covid-19?

The coronavirus pandemic has affected every aspect of life -- including fashion. To cater to new economic realities and the COVID-19 concerns of their clientele, several apparel companies have developed antivirus protection in their clothing. But if antiviral clothing doesn't make a difference in actual viral transmission -- shoppers should question, "is it even worth it?"

Building Better Self-Efficacy, Resilience May Improve Nurses' Mental Health, Study Suggests

Nurses may have less mental health problems during the COVID-19 pandemic if they have better self-efficacy and resilience, suggests a new study.