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Glass Tables: An Overlooked Safety Threat

Emergency-department review describes severe, preventable lacerations; prompts call for safety standards. Many households harbor a threat to young children that safety regulations, surprisingly, have overlooked: glass-topped tables and tables with glass panels.

Teenage Stress Has implications For Adult Health

Most of us remember our teenage years with a mix of fondness and relief. Fondness for the good memories, and relief that all that teenage stress, angst and drama...

Predicting the Risk of Stroke From Ones Genetic Blueprint

A new statistical model could be used to predict an individual's lifetime risk of stroke, according to a new study. Using genetic information from 569 hospital patients, the researchers showed that...

Clot-Buster Boost Survival, Decreases Disability for Deadly Subset of Stroke

New results from a multi-center study shows that patients who got an experimental clot-busting treatment for a particularly lethal form of stroke were not only dramatically more likely to survive but also continued to shed lingering disabilities six months later.

Researchers Find That Genes Determine Brain's Processing Speed

They say a picture tells a thousand stories, but can it also tell how smart you are? Actually, say researchers, it can.


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