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Nurses’ Pleas Spur U.S. Pledge To Tap 44 Million-Mask Stockpile

Hospitals and medical offices are once again running short on masks and gowns in the midst of a raging pandemic, but the federal government is still drawing up plans to distribute its swelling stockpile.

US Coronavirus: 19,000 More Americans Could Die In The Next 20 Days, CDC Composite Forecast Shows

First, the good news: The numbers of new Covid-19 cases each day in about 27 states have generally plateaued this past week compared to the previous week.

COVID-19 More Deadly Than Cancer Itself?

During the recent months of the pandemic, cancer patients undergoing active treatment saw their risk for death increase 15-fold with a COVID-19 diagnosis, real-world data from two large healthcare systems in the Midwest found.

New CDC Guidance Says Covid-19 Rates In Children Are 'Steadily Increasing'

Health experts say children make up more than 7% of all coronavirus cases in the US -- while comprising about 22% of the country's population -- and the number and rate of child cases have been "steadily increasing" from March to July.

Threshold For Herd Immunity May Be Lower Than Thought, Covid-19 Researchers Say

The threshold to achieve herd immunity against COVID-19 may be lower than originally thought. Herd immunity occurs when a large proportion of a community is immune to a virus, making person-to-person spread unlikely. Many scientists have suggested that 70 percent of a population would need to either contract COVID-19 or get vaccinated against it to achieve herd immunity.

Maternal Depression In Early Childhood And Developmental Vulnerability At School Entry

Children exposed to maternal depression before age 5 had a 17% higher risk of having at least 1 developmental vulnerability at school entry than did children not exposed to maternal depression before age 5.

How the Pandemic Has Changed Us Already

During the past five months, many prognosticators have prognosticated about how the coronavirus pandemic will transform politics, work, travel, education, and other domains. Less sweepingly, but just as powerfully, it will also transform the people who are living through it, rearranging the furniture of their inner life.