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U.S. Relaxes Visa Requirements for Foreign Nurses

The US government has issued a directive to relax visa procedures for foreign nurses after the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) acknowledged the acute shortage of the health care professionals there.

Someday Hospitals Will Make House Calls

It May Be Years, Or Even Decades, Before Remote Personal Health-Care Systems and Services Take Off But Some Companies Like Intel Are Getting Ready Now.

Doctor Shortage May Hamper Health Care Reforms

One morning during my medical residency many years ago, one of the senior doctors pulled me aside after rounds, as was his routine, to review the status of patients in the intensive care unit.

Job Market Tightens for December Graduates

The job market is bleaker for December college graduates than a year ago, and national, state and local college career experts say opportunities exist but are limited.

Best Careers 2009: Registered Nurse

There's great unmet demand for nurses, and you'll have lots of options. If you want to work directly with patients, you can specialize in everything from neonatology to hospice care. You can work in a hospital, a doctor's office, or a patient's home.


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