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The Biggest Questions About The New Coronavirus And What We Know So Far

There are so many unknowns about the novel coronavirus that has triggered unprecedented quarantine efforts, dangerous conspiracy theories and global alarm. Much of what we know about coronaviruses comes from the ones that we knew about before — ranging from deadly global health threats such as severe acute respiratory syndrome (SARS) to versions that cause the common cold.

Can This Be Possible? 154,000 Cases of Coronavirus And 24,500 Deaths In China?

As many experts question the veracity of China's statistics for the Wuhan coronavirus outbreak, Tencent over the weekend appeared to inadvertently release what is potentially the actual number of infections and deaths — which are far higher than official figures, but eerily in line with predictions from a respected scientific journal.

Coronavirus Live Update: Hubei Confirms 2,447 New Cases, 69 Deaths

China’s Hubei province, the epicenter of the outbreak, reported an additional 69 deaths and 2,447 cases over the previous 24-hour period. The Hubei Provincial Health Committee said that this brings the total confirmed cases in the province to 22,112 and totals deaths in the province to 618.

Airlines Cancel More Than 50,000 Flights To China Amid Corona Epidemic

More than a dozen airlines have canceled flights or scaled back service to China. The country is the world’s second-largest aviation market after the U.S. Thousands of flights have been canceled, cutting off access to travelers looking to return from or get to China.

Stanford Psychology Expert: These Are The Top 3 Things Kids Need-But Most Parents Fail To Provide

Society’s fear of how technology is hurting our kids’ ability to focus and achieve success has reached a fever pitch — and many parents have resorted to extreme measures.

Study: 70% Chance Of Recession In The Next 6 Months

A new study from the MIT Sloan School of Management and State Street Associate says there’s a 70% chance that a recession will occur in the next six months.


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