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Most New NY Coronavirus Hospitalizations Are People Who Had Been Staying Home

Early look at data from 100 New York hospitals shows that 66% of new admissions related to the virus are people who were at home, Cuomo said.

National Nurses Week: Freebies And Discounts For Health Care Workers May 6-12

With restaurants and stores already showing their appreciation towards nurses and health care workers as the front liners of the coronavirus pandemic, locations across the country are showing some extra love for National Nurses Week from May 6 to 12.

Protestors Don’t Scare Or Intimidate This Virus

They scream and holler and march. Open up the U.S. This is a hoax. Coronavirus is deadly. Invisible as the virus makes its trek across our U.S. Across the universe.

Mounting Promises On Covid-19 Vaccines Are Fueling False Expectations, Experts Say

Vaccines to prevent Covid-19 infection are hurtling through development at speeds never before seen. But mounting promises that some vaccine may be available for emergency use as early as the autumn are fueling expectations that are simply unrealistic, experts warn.

Nearly Seven Weeks Into The Shutdown, Here’s Why So Many Are Still Getting Sick

The District, Maryland and Virginia have been shut down for weeks, their economies in tatters. Large swaths of the population venture out only rarely, wrapped in masks and gloves.

Giving Blood Thinners To Severely Ill Covid-19 Patients Is Gaining Ground

Treating Covid-19 patients with medicines to prevent blood clots might help reduce deaths in patients on ventilators, based on new observational data. A team from Mount Sinai Health System in New York on Wednesday reported better results for hospitalized Covid-19 patients who received anticoagulant drugs compared to patients who didn’t.

Nurses Are Trying To Save Us From The Virus, And From Ourselves

First, arrive at work before dawn. Then put on a head cover, foot covers, surgical scrubs, and a yellow plastic gown. Next, if one is available, the N95 mask. Fitting it to your face will be the most important 10 seconds of your day. It will protect you, and it will make your head throb. Then, a surgical mask over the N95. A face shield and gloves. Cocooned, you’ll taste your own recycled breath and hear your own heartbeat; you’ll sweat along every slope and crevice of your body.