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Stop Treating Nurses Like Commodities

Corporate health care mentality set up nurses up to be inhuman while holding us to superhuman expectations. We’re told to be caring — but not allowed to do it. It’s time to demand that we stop being abandoned and dismissed by dysfunctional leadership.

Nurse Stressors: It's Not Just Patient Volume And Acuity

A study examines 'subjective workload' among NICU nurses, and finds a number of perceived stressors that take time away from essential care and could lead to sub-optimal outcomes.

Why RN Compensation In South Dakota Is The Lowest In The US

South Dakota's registered nurses have the lowest annual salary of any state — an added challenge to filling open nursing positions.

Healthcare Lawmakers Ignore Nurses At Society's Expense

"For too long, nurses have been underutilized and under-resourced. Realizing the huge nursing dividend is the key to delivering on the promise of health for all,"

Arizona Sees Uptick In Newborns With Syphilis

Forty-five Arizona babies were born with syphilis and eight babies have died due to syphilis-related complications in 2018.

The Dark Side Of Medical Marijuana

Patients legally using medical marijuana (cannabis) at home may be stunned if they are admitted to a hospital because many hospitals may prohibit them from using it.

Woman Loses Eye After Taking Shower Wearing Contact Lenses

A woman lost an eye after a parasite found lurking in shower water became stuck behind her contact lens. Petra van Kalmthout, took a shower while wearing her lenses on a sailing holiday three years ago.


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