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Covid-19 Is Reaching The Last Coronavirus-Free Nations On Earth

Eight months after the World Health Organization declared a global pandemic, COVID-19 is reaching the last places on Earth that remained untouched by the coronavirus.

Pfizer Says Covid-19 Vaccine Is 95% Effective In Final Data, Will Seek Authorization

Pfizer Inc. said it will ask health regulators to authorize its experimental Covid-19 vaccine within days, after reporting the shot was 95% effective in its pivotal study and showed signs of being safe.

Nursing Students Fill Gaps As Pandemic Rages

As COVID-19 surges in the U.S., nursing students are still being encouraged to join the front lines, though some program leaders aren't going along.

How This Nurse, Who Works in a COVID-19 ICU, Changed Her Diet and Ran Off 105 Pounds

“I feel like a new person. Doctors who haven’t rotated in the ICU in a while don’t recognize me. I’d been overweight since childhood, and my weight progressed to actual morbid obesity after I had my son, Harrison, in March 2018.

The Fastest-Growing Healthcare Jobs, Ranked

The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics predicts 20 occupations will see the fastest growth through 2029, including healthcare jobs.

At Dinner Parties And Game Nights, Casual American Life Is Fueling The Coronavirus Surge As Daily Cases Exceed 150,000

A record-breaking surge in U.S. coronavirus cases is being driven to a significant degree by casual occasions that may feel deceptively safe, officials and scientists warn — dinner parties, game nights, sleepovers and carpools.

Heat Is Killing More People Than Ever. Scientists Are Looking For Ways To Lower The Risk

It’s 5 a.m. and still dark at the Carlton Complex fire camp in central Washington, except for the fire’s orange glow on a distant ridgeline. Wildlands firefighter Bre Orcasitas, two colleagues, and three volunteers suit up: heavy duty fire-resistant pants, shirt, jacket, and helmet.

How Your Brain Tricks You Into Taking Risks During The Pandemic

Experts who study the way we think and make decisions say that it can be more than politics driving our decision-making this year. The unprecedented nature of the pandemic undermines how we process information and assess risk. Need proof? Look around.