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WHO Warns U.S. Could Become Coronavirus Epicenter as Cases Top 79,000

A World Health Organization official on Tuesday said that the U.S. could become the next epicenter of the coronavirus. The U.S. virus death toll has surpassed 1,100.

‘This Is Our Chernobyl’: New York City’s Nurses Are Terrified

Health care professionals fear they're being put at risk and set up for failure during one of the most critical fights in the city’s history.

China’s Progress Against Coronavirus Used Draconian Tactics Not Deployed In The West

General lockdowns aren’t enough, experts say, without systematic testing and quarantining of carriers. U. S. and European leaders are looking at China’s progress in curbing the coronavirus pandemic to guide them on how to beat the virus within their own borders.

States Ranked By Highest Percentage Of Adults At Risk Of Serious Covid-19 Illness

West Virginia has the highest percentage of adults at high risk of developing a serious illness if they become infected with the new coronavirus, according to new data. The data is based on an analysis of the 2018 Behavioral Risk Factor Surveillance System, a survey that collects state-level data about U.S. residents regarding their health.

California Coronavirus Testing Capability Soars, But Even Nurses Complain They Can’t Get Tested

Testing for coronavirus in California has expanded significantly since midweek, with 23,200 tests completed as the number of cases of COVID-19 grew to more than 1,200, state health officials said Friday.

New Analysis Breaks Down Age-Group Risk For Coronavirus — And Shows Millennials Are Not Invincible

As the Covid-19 pandemic takes an ever-larger toll across the world, researchers are expanding their understanding of who is at greatest risk of infection, serious illness, and death, detailed information that earlier had been reported only by China, where the outbreak began late last year.

One Nursing Home, 35 Coronavirus Deaths: Inside the Kirkland Disaster

This account shows how Life Care Center management missed opportunities to launch a more aggressive response. It seemed a curious day for the Life Care Center to throw a Mardi Gras party. For one thing, Feb. 26 was actually Ash Wednesday, the day after Mardi Gras.

How To Freeze Fresh Vegetables While Preserving Their Best Qualities

As social distancing and self-quarantining quickly become our new normal, many Americans are heeding advice to stock their home kitchens for the long haul. For most of us, trips to the grocery store will become less frequent, so it’s sensible to rely on the extended shelf-life of frozen produce. You won’t be the only shopper making a beeline for the frozen foods section, though.