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The Brother I Never Knew. The Mother I Never Had.

The brother I never knew. He was buried in an unmarked grave with other dead babies. 1960. I am now the age my mother died. She was 64 years old: colon cancer. She was a vacant, negligent mother.

50 Cities Where Nurse Practitioners Earn The Most Money

Today, we will discuss the highest-paying cities for nurse practitioner salaries. Once again using occupational and salary data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) for registered nurse practitioners, we broke down mean annual wages by metro area, which is the smallest geographical unit the BLS tracks for wages. While nurse practitioner salaries vary by state, they can vary even more on the city level.

The 10 Most Common Causes Of Acne According To 64 Dermatologists

After countless trips to the dermatologist’s office, I’ve come to recognize one skin-care truth: the causes of acne aren’t always easily discernible. In a new survey released by a resource for expert-reviewed health information—64 dermatologists identified the most common triggers. Some of the culprits behind painful blemishes are kind of a “no, duh” and others are—well—pretty darn surprising.

A Genetic Test Led Seven Women in One Family to Have Major Surgery. Then the Odds Changed.

Two sisters, their mother and aunts showed a mutation on a BRCA gene and an elevated risk of breast and ovarian cancer.

Many Health Care Workers Are Refusing Flu Shots, Endangering Patients, Regulators Say

Hundreds of workers who care for some of the state’s frailest residents, including those in nursing homes and dialysis centers, are failing to get their annual flu shot, placing patients with weak immune systems at risk of serious illness or death, health specialists said.

Puppies May Be Behind Outbreak That’s Sickened People In 13 States, Officials Say

An illness resistant to multiple drugs that has hit 13 states and led to four hospitalizations is probably spread by the cutest of culprits, health officials say.

Nurse Practitioners Are Not 'Mid-Level' Providers

Fifteen physicians are expected to be let go from the suburban Edward-Elmhurst Hospital in the next year. These physicians, who work in immediate care clinics, will be replaced by nurse practitioners.

Important Donor To Anti-Vax Movement Has Been Cashing In On ‘Alternatives To Vaccines’ As Measles Outbreaks Surge

The nation’s oldest anti-vaccine advocacy group often emphasizes that it is supported primarily by small donations and concerned parents, describing its founder as the leader of a “national, grass roots movement.”


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