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Perfect Nurse. Perfect Manager. Perfect Puppet.

An ICU physician once told me: Nurse managers have a life cycle of a mosquito. Fast and furious. And then gone. Deleted until the next one shows up. It was the perfect ICU. Twenty-five beds. Dynamic intensivists. Phenomenal. And they respected us nurses and collaborated with us. We had perfect cerebral perfusion together.

9 Best Shoes For Nurses, Because Standing All Day Long Is Rough

When your profession involves anything from running alongside a gurney to standing for hours in the ER or operating room, the right shoes are a must. Being on your feet all day puts your lower extremities under a lot of stress. So if you’re consistently wearing unsupportive shoes, you could develop achy arches, joint pain, and other uncomfortable problems. Fortunately, there are lots of footwear options perfect for people who stand all day—you just have to know what to look for.

ER Staff Deserve A Safe Place To Do Their Jobs

Many years ago, it was called the emergency room. Now we call it the emergency department. However, unlike so many departments in the world, the emergency department has almost too many purposes, duties, and mandates to number.

20 Most Beautiful Hospitals In The US

Pipestone (Minn.) County Medical Center and Family Clinic Avera is the most beautiful hospital in the U.S. in 2019, according to an annual list of the 20 Most Beautiful Hospitals in America.

Florida CRNA Is An 'Anesthesiologist,' State Board Says

The Florida Board of Nursing gave a certified registered nurse anesthetist the authority to use the title "nurse anesthesiologist,".

American With No Medical Training Ran Center For Malnourished Ugandan Kids. 105 Died

Ten years ago, Renee Bach left her home in Virginia to set up a charity to help children in Uganda. One of her first moves was to start a blog chronicling her experiences.

The Collapse Of A Hospital Empire — And Towns Left In The Wreckage

The money was so good in the beginning, and it seemed it might gush forever, right through tiny country hospitals in Missouri, Oklahoma, Tennessee and into the coffers of companies controlled by Jorge A. Perez, his family and business partners.


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