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The Wine Allergy You Don't Know You Have

Brace yourself, wine lovers; this may be the worst news yet. A recent study shows that a surprising number of drinkers are allergic to vino—without even knowing it. And your health isn’t happy about it.

The Difference, In Practice, Between Doctors And Nurses

As I learned after my appendectomy, and relearned again years later when various family members were hospitalized, nurses spend more time with patients and address, much more closely than doctors do, a patient’s actual experience of illness. In the hospital, doctors deal in critical, but — for the patient — relatively abstract issues...

In Labor And Delivery Nurses Know How To Fight

If you're a nurse, and you're lucky, you've never seen a maternal death. But every single one of us have seen too many close calls. Every nurse I know fights for their patients every single day.

10 Signs You Are Married To A Nurse

There are many tell-tale signs you are married to a nurse. These are just a few of them. God help our poor spouses!

He Taught Me to Live Before He Died

I'll never forget helping John die. No, I didn't kill him. Cancer killed him, but I helped him die by telling him what to expect, how to protect his functional independence for as long as possible, reframing and contextualizing the whole beautiful and awful business, giving him drugs, calling cancer a bitch, and holding his hand.

Only 25% Of Nurses Monitor Opioids Correctly

A study led by University at Buffalo nursing researcher Carla Jungquist reveals that the vast majority of post-operative patients given opioid medications through intravenous infusions are not monitored often enough to detect respiratory depression, a potentially deadly result of overdose.

Here Is Why Nurse Anesthetists Earn Over $150,000 A Year

Del Grosso said that patients put their lives in his hands every day, a fact that makes the nurse anesthetist job valuable on the marketplace, fulfilling for its practitioners, and at times, extremely stressful.


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