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Attention New RN Grads!
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  • Looking for an entry-level hospital RN job?
  • Looking for a new grad program?
  • Searched all the job boards but can't find anything?
  • Keep getting told, "You don't have any experience?"
  • Borrowed $5,000- $100,000 in student loans and are desperate?
  • Need a job TODAY in your location?
  • Simply join ASRN for only $50 (Reg. $125-that's 60% off!)

As You Know:

  • Job forums are now saturated with posts from frustrated new graduates looking for employment.
  • Hospitals routinely tell new graduates that they are not hiring. Even where there are hospital jobs available, hospitals would rather hire an experienced RN over a new graduate.
  • New data indicates that nationally 36% of new grads can't find work 4 months after graduating, and in California alone, 43% of new RNs can't find work 18 months after graduation.
  • 92% of newly licensed California RNs cited "no experience" as the main reason for not finding a job in the field.
  • Unemployment for entry-level nurses remains at historically record-high unemployment rates since the start of the great recession.

What is the "Save the Grads" Job Program?

The American Society of Registered Nurses (ASRN) has extended the "Save the Grads" jobs program another year in response to the entry-level graduate jobs crisis. Its purpose is to keep qualified RN graduates in the field of nursing. The "Save the Grads" job program will identify 50,000 more "hidden" entry-level RN hospital jobs across the nation.

These entry-level jobs will be available in the ASRN "Members-Only" area.

How Can I See These Jobs?

New graduates can access these jobs by joining ASRN at heavily discounted membership rates.

If I Join ASRN, What Will I Get?

As a member of the American Society of Registered Nurses, you will get:

1. Newsletters on Hiring Hospitals, Hiring Trends, Tips on Getting Hired & More

2. A Dedicated Entry-Level Career Board, with Thousands of Current "Hidden" Entry-Level Hospital Jobs

3. Job Alerts for Your Location and Specialization, Delivered Right to Your Mailbox

3. Notifications of new hospital grad programs from participating hospitals.

How Much Will It Cost?

As new graduate, you will pay only $50 for an annual membership. That's 60% off our regular membership fee of $125.

Why Are You Charging For This Program?

This new program requires us to add staff and other resources to find and disseminate these jobs to you. And for $50 you'll get a full year of "hidden" current, entry level jobs-the kind you can't find right now. We could easily charge $50 per month, but that's not our goal. Our goal is to simply cover our costs for this program while helping you find the job that you desperately need. Besides, as a Registered Nurse, you should be a member of the American Society of Registered Nurses.

What If I Can't Afford It?

If you qualify as a special hardship case, we'll give you a free annual membership. Please email us at if you feel you are in a hardship situation and want special consideration by our Membership Committee.

Why Is The Entry-Level Job Board Hidden In the "Members-Only" Area?

We only want our paid members to have access to it. That's only fair.

What Are The Other Benefits of Joining ASRN?

New graduates will be entitled to Full Membership status, which includes full voting rights and privileges.

Additionally, all new and recent graduates will receive full member benefits, including the ASRN Journal of Nursing and the Journal of Advanced Practice Nursing; be eligible to participate in all programs and committees; receive awards and grants; and attend all conferences and meetings.

Ok, I'm in! How Do I Join?

Simply click the "Join Now" button below and complete the ASRN membership form. There's absolutely no time to waste! The demand is high, the time is right – this is your moment to start your career as a Registered Nurse. You've already paid thousands of dollars for your education to fulfill your lifelong dream. Now is the time to get going! You'll be glad you did!!