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Mentor Database

The Mentor Database works as follows:

Mentors indicate the type of mentoring they are willing to provide graduating nursing students and beginning nurses (mentees). For example, mentors may select to become a mentor on "professional issues in the field" or they may select other areas in which they are willing to provide specific support.

These areas include:

  • Professional issues in the field;
  • Issues related to career aspects;
  • Personal issues and coping skills;
  • Issues facing the profession.

Mentors go online and fill out the required information. This information will be stored in the ASRN mentor database. The database lists the active mentors in the database, their contact email (kept confidential), a short bio, their primary specialty, their employment status, and the area in which the mentor has agreed to provide specific advice.

Mentees interested in establishing contact with a mentor will make contact directly through the online database.

It is the responsibility of the mentee to contact a mentor who meets his or her needs. ASRN will not be directly involved in "matching" mentors to mentees.

Mentors have the ability to select their mentee online, and will be contacted through a "confidential" submit form from the mentee.


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