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A Crash Course in Lead Poisoning

The last few months have seen a lot of media coverage over the threat of lead poisoning. With the Christmas giving season upon us, Registered Nurses will see an increase in questions about lead poisoning: its sources, its signs and symptoms, as well as its treatment. This is a crash course to prepare you these types of questions as well as the parameters of nursing and medical care when you encounter a case of lead poisoning.

I Should Have Been a Librarian

Many years ago, when I was still a young and naive graduate nurse, I worked with an ICU nurse who was going back to college to become a librarian. Now, I have loved the written word all my life. Books are some of my most prized possessions. Still, it had never occurred to me to become a librarian. I chose nursing because I had a great capacity to care and it was a profession I felt I could really make a difference. Now that I'm a little older and wiser, I think that ICU nurse might have had a point.

Fighting Nurse Burnout

Think back on all those reasons you first applied to nursing school, the challenges you were willing to face in the name of nursing. What were your desires, your hopes and dreams related to this noble profession? What are they now?

A Nurse Goes Into the Hair Salon..

Who would have thought that nurses and hairdressers are, under a shocking number of circumstances, plagued by the same frustrations and guided by the same principles? The parallels are actually uncanny. It's one of life's little known truths.

Camp Nurse

The two week stint at Camp Heartland, a summer camp for kids both infected and affected by HIV/AIDS was my first real nursing job. The head nurse handed me a list of names on the first day. "Cabin 5" was written across the top, underneath was a line which read "6 and 7 year old boys". Kirk Morales was the sixth name on a list of ten.


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